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Quality Service

From quarry to client, all our associates have been involved in the Grès de Thiviers adventure for more than fifteen years.

Crushing & Grinding


During this phase, the stone extracted from the various working quarries passes through a series of crushing and grinding machines.
Throughout this phase, the procedures employed to eliminate a maximum quantity of impurities (from the batches) ensure that all that remains is the noble product itself.
High-performance machinery and equipment mean that we can adapt the size grading of our products to our clients' specific requirements.

Mining & Manual Sorting


Over the last thirty years, our geologists, in true gold-digger spirit, have discovered several hundred deposits of varying sizes which can generally be extracted using mechanical excavators.
Our quarry technicians have extensive experience of the mineral and are actively involved at every stage of the quarrying process. They sort, select, and trim stones by hand in preparation for processing at the grinding unit.

Naturally, once quarrying is over, all traces of our activity are erased and sites are replanted and returned to their original state as farmland or woodland.

Testing & Mixing

The laboratory team is involved at every stage of the process. Based on their colorimetric analyses, they can determine the composition of the mixes for the future batches. They carry out regular checks and make adjustments when necessary. They are also in regular contact with clients (sending them control samples, for example).


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